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I remember, from in New York, a bunch of boys hurtling through the stage door with a red-faced stage manager in a sweaty panic, while we had pizza falling out of our mouths. That was lack of professionalism – it was after doing the play for years, but you can’t ever allow that to happen. Embarrassingly, at the moment I have the most extraordinarily vast dressing room at the Haymarket theatre.

It’s bigger than my apartment in London, and done in a rather womb-like red.

As he has read the reviews, he has found few if any of them that he would want his children to watch.

Most of the sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows contain immorality, violence, and subtle ridicule of traditional values and traditional families.

It’s lovely having your own space, but then you go into the other guys’ dressing rooms and they’re together and there’s much more of an atmosphere.

How do you take care of yourself during a production run?

and we were in the imaginary bedroom and we were realistically having sex when the police walked in, because we had to break in to the place to get in.The great hair-chopping fiasco of 1999 has not been easy for Keri Russell to overcome. Paired with a complete stranger, thrown into this incredibly tense world, living this pretend life. But you won't be thinking about Felicity or her worst decision ever when you see Russell in deadly mode in FX’s tense Cold War drama The Americans (premiering tonight at ten). And then, for my character, inching toward really falling in love with this man she’s known for fifteen years. Elizabeth is first seen performing oral sex on someone from whom she needs intel. Thus, when forces threaten the family, Church leaders must respond.The family is at the heart of Heavenly Father’s plan because we are all part of His family and because mortality is our opportunity to form our own families and to assume the role of parents.

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