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A notícia abaixo contém SPOILER sobre Power Rangers. Dean Israelite já havia confirmado que Power Rangers teria uma cena pós-créditos e, na época, rumores diziam que a sequência iria introduzir Tommy Oliver, nome do Ranger Verde interpretado por Jason David Frank na série Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993).

Here, we show that forward programming of PSCs with the nodal cell inducer TBX3 plus an additional 80% physiologically and pharmacologically functional pacemaker cells.

These induced sinoatrial bodies (i SABs) exhibited highly increased beating rates (300–400 bpm), coming close to those found in mouse hearts, and were able to robustly pace myocardium ex vivo.

Se a escolha depender do elenco do novo longa, o personagem desta vez será vivido por uma mulher."Grande parte do elenco e eu discutimos que o [Ranger Verde] deveria ser uma mulher.Inclusive, David Frank e Jo Johnson fazem uma participação no primeiro longa da franquia, que já possui histórias para mais seis produções.Rapid divergence in postmating-prezygotic characters suggests that selection may be responsible for generating reproductive barriers between closely related species.Here we show that postmating-prezygotic variation among populations of cactophilic desert reflects divergent coevolutionary trajectories between the sexes.We explicitly test the female's role in intersexual interactions by quantifying differences in a specific postmating-prezygotic reproductive character, the insemination reaction mass, in two species, .

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