Updating maven dependencies refreshing maven model

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For more information about Maven POM files, see Apache Maven Project — POM Reference.

A set of repositories containing artifacts required to build applications based on Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite is provided with this release.

For more information about Maven, see the Welcome to Apache Maven page.

For more information about Maven repositories, see the Apache Maven Project — Introduction to Repositories article.

The Gradle versions plugin allows one to run 'gradle dependency Updates' and it will return a list of dependencies you are using that need updating, and what the newest version is (configurable).

Several of the dependencies, but not nearly all, have red underscores in the Maven Projects window.

If I do a Build/Rebuild Project everything builds fine.

What steps can I take to further diagnosis this problem, or better yet just fix it?This is a mature production project, and on other team member's PCs, as well as my old one, it doesn't have this problem.I've read that Intellij will also use the underscore to denote a conflict as well as missing dependency.You can just run following command line: To upgrade your gradle wrapper.If you're used to Maven, you are probably familiar with this already.

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