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In other words, our risk engine, case management system and scanner software is now integrated into one solution that is automated and real-time, with the whole process recorded on the SARS system from beginning to end.The new cargo scanners use X-ray technology with dual radiation scanning and can show the difference between 40 different types of materials, e.g. They can even pick up 1mm copper wire and can scan through up to 380mm of solid steel, so there is very little that can be hidden.It was not immediately clear who was named to run the nation of about two million that is completely surrounded by South Africa.The military say they disarmed police in the capital, Maseru, on Saturday.Police were off the streets and out of uniform in the Lesotho capital Maseru today after an apparent coup attempt by the army caused the Prime Minister to flee the country.

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There was little evidence of the conflict today in Maseru, but police at one of the attacked stations were walking in and out of the building in civilian clothes, not in uniform.

Experts expressed concern over who is running the country."Personally I don't know who's leading the country now that the leaders are outside the country.

So you could say that there is probably a vacuum," said Motlamelle Kapa, head of political studies at the University of Lesotho.

“This decline is also the result of collaborations with different agencies, the addition of an MDCH epidemiologist and the outreach efforts of the Syphilis Elimination team.” MDCH added an epidemiologist in 2001 to support Detroit Health Department Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) surveillance and intervention staff to help pinpoint populations impacted by syphilis and ensure accurate targeting of outreach and education efforts.

“It was necessary to customize outreach efforts to fit our city.

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