Pygtk progress bar not updating shaved dating

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im kinda hoping you have solved that prob, the only solution i came up with is have both a int and float for same health variable(and such) then synchronize them constantly which sounds like it should be unnecessary work nvrm i figured it out, dum mistake i overlooked. However after a blueprint re-compile this is sometimes resolved sometimes not. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance. This is because the progress bar percentage can only be 1 and will not allow another figure.This way you can still subtract and add health as decimal values.These are some notes I wrote as porting my on-again off-again hobby project Basketball GM from Py GTK to Py GObject.

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We want the application to exit when the window is closed, so we tell the GTK loop to stop so we can quit. You should get an application similar looking to this: Clicking the button prints “Hello” in the terminal and the interface is still usable. Maybe we wanted to…wait 20 seconds and THEN print “Hello”? The GUI stopped drawing as soon as the button was clicked.

You will need Python and Py GTK installed in order to run these.

The following code is the framework for the application we will be using.

Builder() self.builder.add_from_file(UI_FILE) self.builder.connect_signals(self) = for widget in WIDGET_LIST: self.gui[widget] = self.builder.get_object(widget) self.gui['main_window'].show_all def destroy(widget, self): Gtk.main_quit() def main(): GLib.thread_init(None) app = My Class() Gdk.threads_enter() Gtk.main() Gdk.threads_leave() if __name__ == "__main__": sys.exit(main())#!

/usr/bin/python from gi.repository import Gtk, Gdk Pixbuf, Gdk import os, sys from subprocess import * from threading import Thread class mymod (Thread): def __init__(self): # General initialisation stuff here then.....

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