Mandating nurse patient ratios

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Since then, similar nurse staffing laws have failed in every other state where they were proposed.But the nursing unions backing the bills have grown increasingly powerful in statehouses across the country. They argue the bills would strip them of their ability to make basic staffing decisions and be a financial burden. There are fewer nurses, all working longer hours and rushing through more patients during every shift, as a result.

According to the American Hospital Association, in 2011 approximately 5,754 registered hospitals existed in the U.S., housing 942,000 hospital beds along with 36,915,331 admissions.More than 1 in 10 Americans were admitted to a hospital last year.They would wear themselves out trying to diagnose and treat each one.Every working shift was rushed and exhausting, and simple mistakes or missed cues became more common than they needed to be, inevitable side effects of nurses going on too much stress and too little sleep.

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