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As a result, Lam became one of the best-selling singers in Hong Kong.

His second album "Travelogue, One" brought him a Best New Artist Award and a Top Ten Album of the Year in the Chinese Music Media Awards.

If you try to fit in you’re just another in a row of a thousand. My father started hormone therapy when I was around two.

The true me is what’s most attractive and what’s most engaging—as an artist, as a soul, and as a creator.

There’s another problem to deal with—Emma is insisting that Yolonzo, a random survivor we don’t really know, has the red death, a deadly disease that causes its victims to cough up blood.

We choose to feature projects and products that reflect the people or moments in time, either fictional or historical, when good triumphed over evil... I got my degree in dramatic arts and have been blessed to make my living acting. Between all of my outlets I make enough to get a shower and sandwich every now and again. I understood what homosexuality was, what androgyny was, what transgenderism was—basically the whole spectrum of sexuality—from a very early age. I was taught that people fall all over the spectrum. I believe you’re born with an innate set of preferences, and I always knew I was heterosexual. Gender identity and sexuality conversation were out in the open in our house.Lam started his own label LYFE Music in 2003, with records distributed by Warner Music and East Asia Records.From 2005 he started expanding his label by presenting shows for blooming artists in town such as at17, FAMA, Wildchild, and My Little Airport.

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