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When you date with an Azerbaijani girl, most of them does not think of this as a temporary thing. If you are dating Azerbaijani girl, prepare to take care of all expenses.

When you go out for dinner with Azerbaijani girl, never pay only for your part of the meal, otherwise this date can be considered as a failure!

If so, then chances are higher that this girl is conservative and even coming from conservative family.

My friend was telling me about meeting this gorgeous Hungarian girlfriend, and mentioned that he ‘ her? You chat to a taxi driver and he will assume you want him right there and then. So if you are a cool chick back in Baku, you are probably very good at brushing men off. Once, a long time ago, in my single days, I was visiting Druggie in London. From my experience, unless you meet someone via someone, who knows someone, who worked with someone, it is just not worth it. A secretary at my very first job in London was telling me how she met her boyfriend. He pulled up in a car and asked if she wanted a lift. I always thought that certain basic principles work everywhere.

I have never been to Hungary and never knew that they might have such a fascinating way of picking up girls. Because we are so used to harassment at every step we take. So yes, I have heard a lot of interesting dating stories in my life. It goes against everything I thought I knew about men and relationship, against my instincts.

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