Am i dating a gay man

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It's not particularly serious, but its also not completely casual or a FWB situation, we both just work A LOT so we only go out 2-3 times a month. He's very socially presentable and I have a lot of things I need a presentable date for. Plus, he's got great taste, he's fun to shop with, fun to talk to, and HE actually PICKS sushi and thai food (as opposed to tolerating it). Its a little weird because he has the same first name as my ex-husband, so I gave him a nickname that my friends and I use in conversation...

In the beginning, even though HE asked ME out when we first met, I'll be honest, I assumed he was gay. Well, all fine and good, but lately things have started seeming a little more serious, which is mostly nice but I'm kind-of worried. "the gay doctor." They've all met him and its about a 50/50 split who thinks he's gay and who doesn't. Because if he IS, its still ok and what I'd assumed the whole time.

We’re too scared to swing the door all the way open with a fabulous "We're here!

" But unfortunately for my ex as well as for all the other bisexual men and women out there, the straight and gay people who use a bisexual identity as a "halfway house" contribute to the widespread negative notion that anyone who identifies as bi is actually a flimsy, half-hearted gay man or lesbian.

But even if a bisexual person does cheat, it's hardly evidence that bisexuality inclines a person toward infidelity. But I understand where this misconception comes from.

At most, it's only evidence that the person cheated and is therefore not presently cut out for monogamous dating. Many gay guys (myself included) claim to be bisexual as a sort of "baby step" out of the closet.

By Rick Clemons for Your Just a little over 12 years ago, I would have said, "I'm not gay, I just like having sex with men! Granted, if you're a male and having sex with other males, you could be bisexual, but whatever you are, you should just admit it. I was caught in a dysfunctional sexual limbo that made no sense.

And that while he was in the Navy for 10 years--gay and married to a woman. She didn't find out until she came home and found him in bed with his lover. I guess that was when he finally came out of the closet. I don't think she knew anything about the relationship he'd had before her..apparently he and the gay guy went to a Gay Pride thingy together.

Originally posted by Sexxx YGurl: Yes gay men do date and even marry women! One of the gay men that was a coworker of mine had no problem telling the office about his previous life.

He's got a smallish build, he's got a soft voice with... Now the question: Would a 45 year-old man who knows that he is gay, and has never been married, feel as though he suddenly needed a "cover? My thoughts on this are that if you question it, your instincts are probably correct. If we're going to KEEP dating, I'll have to phase that name out, lol.

" OR in the alternative, could someone who was actually gay not know that or still be "confused" at 45? One of the gay men that was a coworker of mine had no problem telling the office about his previous life.

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